May 23, 2016

Walk Fashion Show at Eastern Market!

Yesterday was the first Walk Fashion Show of the year, held at the Eastern Market in Detroit. Being my first time at the Eastern Market, I was impressed at how large, open, and well lit it was, making it a perfect venue for this show. Local vendors, liquor counters, and a food stand, lined the outskirts of the building. A large white runway sat in the middle, and a giant screen with projected images acted as the stage backing. White chairs closest to the stage were reserved for VIP, and rows upon rows of general seating followed behind. The producers, Daishawn and Crystal, kindly thanked everyone for their attendance and participation. They explained how Walk Detroit was meant for the hopeful designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, and bloggers of Detroit. The first section of the show was the Children's Showcase. Adorable little models-in-training strutted their stuff, and others shyly made their way to the end of the runway, struck a pose, and hurriedly ran back. Some of the fashions were that of a mini adult's style, and some felt like I was watching Detroit's own Toddlers in Tiaras special. The second section, was the Emerging Designers Showcase. The fashions were that of very new designers, and varied from sportwear, swimwear, ready-to-wear, etc. There was a large break between the second and third show, which was the Independent Designers Showcase, meant to start at 7:00. Between this time, the majority of the bloggers and it-listers arrived to grab a drink, take a bite, and mingle in the VIP-only section. I personally enjoyed sitting on the comfy white leather couches, tasting tiny lemon cupcakes, and gossiping with friends. Unfortunately it had been a long day, and we called it quits before the start of the third show at 9:00. Judging from my experience at lasts year's show though, I'm sure the Independent Showcase was inspiring! Walk Fashion Show acts as endless opportunities to fashion hopefuls, and a fun day out to those who admire the fashion scene! Thank you to Daishawn, Crystal, and the entire Walk family for having us at the show! 

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