January 26, 2016

Young Living Essential Oils!

"The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine" - William Osler, M.D. If you've read some of my older posts, you know that I'm all about the living the most natural lifestyle that I can. I always believed that there was a healthier alternative to hospital trips, doctors, drugs, and medications. As a result, I have worked very hard for a long time on balancing a healthy diet, exercise, and rest regimen to avoid all of those scary things! So naturally when I learned of the existence of essential oils I was overwhelmingly curious! Essential oils are liquids and compunds that are distilled or pressed from plants. Like the blood in our body, the essential oil of a plant works the same way. It is used to seal the cut, protect the wound, and provide oxygen and nutrients for cell regeneration. Now after extensive research and numerous stories of personal accounts, I have become an essential oil distributor through Young Living! If you'd like to ditch the drugstore, keep on reading for some of my favorite essential oils and just some of their countless uses. If you're more of a "must see it to believe it" type, then order through my distributer number: 3506759 on www.youngliving.com, and see for yourself how they work!
Lavender- Topical, Aromatic, and Dietary
Lavender compliments favorite shampoos, lotions, or skin care products. Apply it to cuts, scrapes, burns, cold sores, insect bites, rashes, or acne to sooth and cleanse. Diffuse it for relaxation, meditation, or a restful sleep. Ladies, you can also massage it into the abdomen for menstrual discomfort!
Peppermint- Topical, Aromatic, and Dietary
Peppermint enhances and supports healthy bowel, gut, digestive, and gastrointestinal function. It can also be added to water to curb appetite and assist in weight loss. Apply it topically for cooling and refreshing relief from fever, sore muscles, or arthritis. Diffuse it for improved focus and concentration, and reduced nausea.
Frankincense- Topical, Aromatic, and Dietary
Apply Frankincense directly to moles, skin tags, scars, wrinkles, acne, and age spots to support skin health. Diffuse it to increase spirituality, inner strength, lift mood, and balance emotions. Frankincense oil has even been shown to help fight cells of specific types of cancer.
Lemon- Topical, Aromatic, and Dietary
Lemon is a flavorful addition to water that also detoxes, balances your PH, cleanses bad gut bacteria, and relieves heartburn and acid reflux. It can be diffused for a stimulating and uplifting scent to purify the air. Use it topically on cellulite to improve circulation and eliminate waste from cells. Apply it to skin to balance oil glands, rid acne, calm inflammation, pain, and redness. It is also a natural bleaching agent for scars!
Digize- Topical and Dietary
Digize can be taken with every meal to support a daily wellness regimen. Massage it directly on the stomach to relieve digestive problems like heartburn, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. Careful with which direction you are massaging though! Apply clockwise to get things moving, and counter-clockwise to slow things down.
Panaway- Topical and Aromatic
Apply it topically to reduce discomfort from everyday aches and pains, and relax joints and muscles. Panaway helps to relieve tension headaches when applied to temples, back of neck, or forehead.
Thieves- Topical, Aromatic, and Dietary
Use Thieves at the first sign of an upset stomach, sore throat, or signs of a cold. Apply it to the bottom of feet or on the thymus gland daily, or take it orally to support a healthy immune system.
Stress Away- Topical and Aromatic
Apply it directly to wrists or back of neck to induce relaxation. Inhale it from the bottle for peace, mental stability, and equilibrium. Diffuse it at bedtime for a restful night's sleep.

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