May 18, 2015

Maryland And The U.S. Naval Ring Dance!

Honestly, if I were to pick one of my favorite states to visit, Maryland would be number 3! Can you really blame me for placing Hawaii and Florida as 1st and 2nd though? Annapolis, Maryland is right on the water, and it's also the location of the United States Naval Academy. So naturally, everything revolves around the nautical theme that I'm obsessed with! Make sure you have some seafood when you're there, Maryland is known for having some of the best fresh caught crab. On a restaurant's menu, the price is shown as "Market Price "for certain seafood dishes. This just means that the price varies by day according to the available catch, so ask your waiter for that day's price. In Annapolis, you can find cobblestone roads lined with historic buildings, ice cream parlors, fudge shops, and small boutiques. If you've ever been to Mackinaw Island, it is quite comparable to that. Two years ago, my close friends and I took a backstage tour of the entire Naval base by my friend in the Academy. This year, I was asked to join him to the prestigious Naval Ring Dance. This dance was beyond anything I had imagined. It looked like a party that Jay Gatsby had put on. All the members of the Academy were required to wear uniform, while their dates wore things worthy of a prom. There were couches to lounge on, tables to eat at, hammocks to swing on (yes, you read that correctly), bars to order drinks, and horsederves and desserts as far as the eye could see. I was very fortunate to be able to experience that. Last visit, we also went to Washington D.C. and toured the Reflection Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Captial Building, and White House. It is a great time to learn everything there is to know about the Nation and it's history. Don't expect to get too close to the White House, the gate isn't as close as it appears in the movies! Also, be prepared to walk a far distance between each sight. The scenery of Maryland is beautiful, with it's forests, winding roads and hills, and coastal views. If you get the chance, take a sailboat trip or try your hand at paddle boarding. The water is beautiful to admire, and feels like bath water in the spring. For both trips I was able to stay in my friend's Naval Sponsor's "house" that really was more like a castle. Let's just say I enjoy visiting! In 17 days I leave for Florida, and I can hardly wait! Make sure you check back for more posts between then! 

A sunset sailboat ride.
The group in the Naval Academy. 
The ring ceremony. 
The Naval Ring Dance.
The castle I stayed in both trips.
The view of the castle from the back.
The White House.
The Capitol Building. 
The Reflection Pool and Lincoln Memorial.
In front of the Naval Academy two years ago.
The streets of Annapolis. 

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