May 7, 2015

Lipstick Test!

I've worn makeup for as long as I can remember, so I'm constantly on the look for something new to try! Seeing as I love the "red lip classic" thing that T-Swift is known for, it's been my goal to attain that flawless red lined lip. It's not so easy though, I also want my lipstick to LAST. Is that so much to ask for? Well, I decided to do a little lipstick test in order to find the perfect long lasting red lipstick. I did my fair share of stalking fellow bloggers to get a good idea of the top brands they suggest. I found that the 3 most suggested long wear lipsticks were: L'Oréal Infallible, Wet 'N Wild Megalast, and Revlon 24 hr Superstay. Now, I tried Revlon's a few years back with high hopes, and was sadly disappointed. First, it did not hold up well through eating or drinking. Second, it left my lips very dry and chapped. Lastly, by the end of the day most of it had flaked off. L'Oréal came in second place being slightly better. It held up decent through eating and drinking, and left my lips feeling moist most of the day. It did however need a second application halfway through the day, and tended to bleed outside my lip line. I was pleasantly surprised that the Wet 'N Wild brand came in as my first pick and favorite, because at most drug stores it is only $2! It also comes in a very wide selection of colors. I only needed one application the entire day, my lips were somewhat moist, and it lasted through 3 whole meals. I would highly suggest giving it a try! As a side note...if you're looking for a good vegan choice, try the brand BITE. My choice for a good tinted chapstick would be Baby Lips. Thought I'd share this little informative beauty post with you all while on my flight to Vegas! Next post I will be sharing all the details of my trip, so stay tuned. What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas, right?  

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