April 20, 2015

Hello, Blogging Life!

Hello Blogging Life, once again! I'll start out by a short introduction of myself and my intentions of this blog. My name is Brittany, and I am a recent graduate in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and a lover of all things fashion. I discovered my first blog and the fashion blogging world my first year of college. It was everything I ever wanted to do in life rolled into one. Whether it's fashion blogging, modeling, photography, designing, styling, illustrating, or even shopping, my life revolves around it. Now fashion isn't my only "passion" I wish to share. I also have a strong love of travel, food, healthy living, and achieving all of this by living a life of positivity. Now I wasn't experienced enough in any of those categories then, but 3 years later I like to think I've improved on some of those areas! I plan on making this blog a mixture of all of the above! I hope to share my journey with people who share my love of these things. Let's let the journey begin!

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