October 17, 2018

The Toyota C-HR!

Sometimes you just have to hit the road and travel somewhere new! 
What better excuse to take a road trip than your sister's birthday?
We took Toyota's advice of "let's go places" and hit the open road in the C-HR XLE Premium for a trip to Grand Rapids!
The C-HR had us feeling sporty chic! Built from the mind of a race car driver, this crossover had the sleek design, controlled handling, and secure seating of a vehicle with a need for speed. Too bad I drive like a granny ;) 
We saved time and money by not making any pesky stops to the gas station. With its fantastic fuel economy, we were able to make it to Grand Rapids and back on a single tank. Which meant more shopping ;)
We had no trouble weaving in and out of the busy city overflowing with detours, traffic, and crowds that came to see Art Prize. The turn capability of the C-HR was truly remarkable, and helped us out of some tight situations!
The C-HR kept us alert while driving the wee hours of the morning, and late hours after a long day. With its lane assist, we were notified when we started to get a little too close to crossing the line!
With its fantastic fuel economy, turn capability, and lane assist, this crossover proved to be the perfect travel companion!
Thank you, Toyota, for inspiring us to "go places, we can't wait to take our next trip in a Toyota! 

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography & myself


  1. Brittany, what a great looking ride. Toyotas rock.

    1. It really was, we loved trying out this Toyota for the week!