July 11, 2018

Driving Detroit With Hyundai!

As bloggers, we are constantly driving to and from the heart of Detroit to do business with other Detroit creatives. Two weeks ago, we were invited to meet up with Detroit's hottest bloggers, designers, photographers, videographers, models, and artists to create content to get people excited over the city. 
You could say we are trying to be a driving force behind Detroit ;)
So we packed up our 2018 Electric Blue Hyundai Sonata Limited, and headed to the city. 
While this was just one of many events we attend in Detroit, we noticed a few common factors in our visits that were easily avoided with the Hyundai Sonata.
We always have our hands full.
When heading to these events, we're overwhelmed with makeup bags, camera bags, outfit changes, etc.
With its hands-free smart trunk with auto open, we didn't have to attempt to pry the trunk open with our foot while balancing on the other with arms full of precious cargo!
Parking is always impossible.
Detroit is filled with narrow parking garages, street sides that require parallel parking, and lots with spaces stacked on top of each other. 
With the Sonata's rear view camera, blind spot detection system, and rear cross traffic alert, parking was a beautiful and effortless thing. Especially since our meetup began on the top level of a packed Z-Garage!
We're always crammed in the car.
When we go to these events we like to carpool, and cramming 3-4 artists in a car along with all our gear makes for a tight ride! 
The Sonata was extremely spacious for a car, and the driver's front seat automatically pushed back to make room for the driver to get in, and then pulled forward for Savannah behind me to have plenty of leg room!
Our cell phones are dead by the end of the day.
So what if we like to take a lot of selfies and share every teensie detail of what we're doing? Trust us, we weren't the only ones there draining that cell battery.
Thankfully the Sonata had a wireless device charging station that we took full advantage of!
While literally and figuratively driving Detroit, we felt fortunate to enjoy the ease that our Hyundai Sonata offered us. 
Thank you, Hyundai for making this our most successful meetup yet!

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