April 7, 2017

Cheryl Zemke Of C Creations!

"A true artist is not one that is inspired, but one who inspires others." Last week I modeled for an inspiration of mine, Cheryl Zemke, the multi award winning fashion designer behind C. Creations, and her garment label C3 (Creative Clothing Collections). I first saw Cheryl's work on the runway of RAINN Fashion Show. After falling for her unique, one-of-a-kind designs, I knew I had to see more. After doing a little digging, there was plenty more to see! For the past five years, Cheryl has been participating in the best local shows, including Fashion in Detroit, and Michigan Fashion Week. Not to mention, the shows organized by herself, that have served as successful fundraisers for local charities. Her 2016 show, Impulse, raised funds for the College Art scholarship fund. An excellent cause, considering she received an Associate Degree in Merchandising from my same college (how neat is that?), and a B.S.B.A from Lawrence Tech! After having the opportunity to personally work with her and wear her designs, I admire her and her work even further! Cheryl is an incredibly sweet and humble person, and has an impeccable talent for sewing and design. We collaborated with photographer James Leduc of Mitten Studios on our shoot. James was kind enough to volunteer to meet us on a cold, rainy, blustery, Michigan afternoon. Even with that, a brand new camera to adjust to, and a few puddles to trudge through, James produced some amazing work. I'm ever so grateful to Cheryl and James for an adventurous day with some great results! I also have Cheryl to thank, seeing as she pushed me to pursue a secret dream of mine, runway modeling. I'll be walking the runway in C. Creations at Fashion Massacre on May 7th at the Detroit Historical Museum!!! You can also view her work at Phashion at the Opera in Toledo on May 3rd, and the Michigan International Women's expo May 5th. I know it will bring out your inner artist, and maybe a few dreams of your own! 

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