March 4, 2017

Made In Michigan Nails!

I've always been a "Do it yourself" kind of gal. You won't find me getting my hair colored, makeup done, eyebrows shaped, or a mani/pedi at the Salon. I enjoy saving money, having control over the outcome, and knowing those skills. Plus, the one time I had a professional mani/pedi, I discovered I'm much too ticklish that! Over the years I've slowly learned to perfect doing each of those things on my own. In that process, I've really narrowed down my favorite tools and brands to use. I thought that I had finally found the perfect nail polish, until Erik's mom gave me a tray of Cindi Naturals for my birthday. *Thank you!* Cindi Naturals is a Michigan made company. Their product is formulated with 100% organic compounds, contains argon oil for nourishment, and does not contain the "Big Bad Five" common ingredients. You all know I've gone organic for a couple years now, but I didn't know that was possible for polish! Even better, it's made in my beloved home town, and they sell a Michigan themed line of colors! Names like "Let's Meet At Metro Beach", "Detroit Rock City", "On My Way To The DIA", and "Pictured Rocks" bring back fond memories. Currently "Kidd Rocks" is my favorite shade, being a very vibrant red tone! So jump on the natural nail polish train with me, and enjoy the benefits of being beautiful AND healthy!

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